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It's what drew Melissa (not her real name) to Doug's online dating profile the winter of 2015.

Another common scam is known as "cat fishing" – where internet predators fabricate or steal others' online identities, often for revenge."We've had complaints of people who've set up a fake dating account in someone's name, and then contacted that person's partner to say, you think your girlfriend is innocent but look, she's on internet dating sites." It's nothing that Dr Pani Favid, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at AUT, hasn't heard before.

Some Internet dating sites prescreen individuals for compatibility.

Some commonplace things seem to happen without special premeditation, effortlessly.

While almost 80 per cent of those using the 500 million global mobile dating apps are under 35, older people tend to choose internet dating sites, she says."Younger people tend to prefer the instant gratification of swiping right because it's quick, easy and you don't have to enter a lot of personal details, whereas those who use internet dating sites are often more serious about finding love rather than just a quick hook up."But both options have created a culture for danger by becoming a conduit for predators who commit premeditated, strategic sexual assault, as well as opportunists who feel entitled to force their desires onto others.

"Internet and mobile dating can create a climate of accelerated intimacy, which means that if you've been chatting to someone online you might feel as though you know them quite well, when in fact you don't," says Favid.

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