Interactive data entry and updating

The labels aren't necessary on this simple example, but when creating a User Form for your own data, you'll probably want to include them. Add Item "Reptile" End Sub Private Sub cbo Conservation Status_Drop Button Click() 'Populate control.

When you do, Excel's default names are usually adequate. Once you enter all the values, the code in this button will transfer the entered values to the sheet.

The users can pick which 'columns' to keep by choosing the following information.

Using a combo box or list box helps you limit choices, but you'll need additional code to protect the validity of text and number values and to force users to enter values for required fields.

In this case a user needs to enter 3 key pieces of field information that have to relate to eachother.

#2) There is a table in a database that has thresholds for a specific law at the state level.

Below are a few very simple examples where this would be extremely helpful.

#1) An application is being used as a file System ETL that has an interface that allows users to select what data to pull from a flat file and store in a database.

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