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"We want to make it easier for you to shop with us, whether online or in our stores," Brandon wrote.

"This past season, we were successful in accomplishing this objective for millions of customers.

, according to a Wednesday Wall Street Journal report.

Taken with the announced store liquidations, the closures could represent nearly 45% of Toys R Us' domestic footprint.

After years of underinvestment, the toy retailer has a long way to go to close the gap with rivals and successfully reposition itself.

The misfires over the holidays are one more sign that the retailer still doesn't have the ability or wherewithal to fix its retail problems.

The fulfillment issues have long been a problem for Toys R Us, calling into question whether the company's underlying IT infrastructure was ready for the omnichannel push the company made with a website re-launch and marketing ahead of the holiday season, according to the employees who spoke with Retail Dive.

Taken together, the "operational missteps" — which, without naming them, Brandon said his company was working to fix — appear to have made for a dismal holiday season for Toys R Us.In the weeks leading up to perhaps "Do not order your kids [sic] presents from [Toys R Us]," wrote another customer. I ordered a month ago, the money was taken out of my account and I just found out the items 'were out of stock' which is clearly not true because the items are still in stock but the money was never put back into my account."These posts are just a couple examples among dozens, of online orders that were shipped weeks later than expected or were, in many cases, canceled after the transaction had already been processed.The retailer typically responded to posts with publicly visible offers to fix the reported issue and requests that complainants contact the company via private message.Analysts Retail Dive spoke with said more closures were entirely possible, if not expected, and current and former employees have told Retail Dive that they expected more closures as well.a crucial piece of financing aimed at keeping the retailer in business as it reorganizes and restructures in the Chapter 11 process.However, there were also far too many transactions where this wasn't the case — due to our operational missteps."Just what those missteps Brandon alluded to last month were, the executive left up to the imagination.Clues can be found in the company's own social media accounts.The fulfillment issues are an old pattern for the retailer, which has for years under invested in the technological infrastructure to support omnichannel efforts, according to current and former employees who spoke with Retail Dive.To be sure, all retailers have trouble spots, and online complaints are famously biased toward the extremes of customer experience, often negative.The Journal also reported that Toys R Us could lay off a "significant portion" of its corporate staff.While Toys R Us did not confirm the report, the company has left open the possibility of closing more stores than the initially announced 180 units by a unique agreement with its landlords.

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