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Did you know that a couple's first anniversary is their "paper anniversary"?Presumably that is because they are still paying off the wedding at the one-year mark (THOSE SHERLOCK INVITATIONS DON'T PAY FOR THEMSELVES).A couple's third anniversary is their "leather" anniversary, because around the three-year mark is when couples typically take their first romantic horse ride down a beach AND/OR get seriously into taxidermy.The sixth anniversary is the "candy anniversary," because the lies have stopped by the sixth year and everyone is being honest about just wanting a bucket of Chupa Chups and to be left alone.Sometimes the most romantic things are the most unexpected.

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Create this real-life fantasy date with our FREE printables!Three-Day Anniversary: You Tube Video If you have made it through two nights of sexual-tension-laden IM chatting with your classmates, then it is worth celebrating your burgeoning relationship. We can't imagine a better way to show your devotion to this person you've been together with for between twenty-eight and thirty-one days than giving them one, maybe three, of these priceless treasures.This is the perfect time to send that special someone a link to a really nice You Tube video. If that's a bit too much for your budget, consider making them scrambled eggs or a meal of equal or greater deliciousness. I figure every year that goes by since you started dating would be an important one to celebrate, but are there any others? My boyfriend treats me like "one of the guys." Is this bad? For example, is the first month anniversary important? You may not have the best sense of what your significant other likes just yet (WE MEAN, YOU JUST MET THEM LIKE TWO SECONDS AGO), so try something safe. One-Week Anniversary: Origami Oh hey, you made it to one week?! One Year Anniversary: A House To Live In Forever Together You pretty much did it. Your pituitary glands are destined to grow old together, withering on the vine safe in the knowledge that you have grown together and can never be torn asunder, unless of course you end up in different history classes next year.Maybe a cool music video or a video of a tiny French Bulldog puppy learning how to jump. Either they love it, and you got them the perfect gift, or they hate it and then you know to break up with them BECAUSE THEY ARE CLEARLY A LIZARD PERSON IN DISGUISE. To mark this monumental occasion, get a house together, move in, and start planning on how you're going to grow old together.If you are lucky enough to reach the one-day mark with your new handholder/that guy who your friend asked out for you, you get to celebrate your sticky note anniversary! Faberge Eggs are a series of about fifty unique ornamental jeweled pieces created by the designer Peter Carl Faberge for various imperial families between 18.By the time the glue on your note wears out, it will be tomorrow, and you will have so many more people to date. Today, only forty-three survive, and they are valued in the tens of millions of dollars.But OH MY WOMBATS, what kind of high school couple makes it to their six-year anniversary? One year is actually two hundred in high-school dating years. Which is why we have created a MORE REALISTIC set of anniversaries (dayiversaries? ) for you to celebrate with your once-now-and-never-again love. Celebrate your monogamy with an origami gift: a chatterbox with "You're dumped" under window #7 is a seamless way to sever the tie if you've got the one-week itch, otherwise you can make them an origami football, or, idk, an isoceles triangle—whatever you think your baby (probably too soon to call them baby) is into.One-Day Anniversary: Sticky Note Some of the greatest relationships of our time have lasted no longer than second through fourth period. Sometimes it burns into an inanimate ball of carbon halfway through the atmosphere. One-Month Anniversary: Faberge Egg In the time since you started dating, three queen bees have seized the throne, two P. teachers have switched their tiny shorts for wintry sweatpants, and the cafeteria has served 5000 terrible, terrible hotdogs. Celebrate your one-month anniversary with something super classy: a Faberge Egg.

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