I am dating a felon

Your Housemate May Be at Risk of an Aiding and Abetting Charge To add to this, the other person in the house who did legally own the gun can be found to have aided and abetted your possession of the gun so long as that person knew of the felon’s possession or constructive possession and acted with intent to allow that possession.While the government may face challenges in proving intent, an aiding and abetting charge is a serious criminal violation and thus precautions should be taken.They developed information that Allen was staying at a hotel on Crestwood Boulevard in eastern Jefferson County.They went to the hotel to arrest him for the warrant.Although it is not per se illegal for a felon to live in a home with a gun owned by a spouse, significant other, or housemate, felons do run a risk of being found to have possessed the firearm, and may even put the person they live with in serious danger of aiding and abetting their illegal possession.You Can Be Convicted of Constructive Possession Again, possession is not the same as ownership, and you can be convicted for possession of a firearm as a felon if you exert control over the firearm, such as by carrying it with you or shooting it.

After all, the Second Amendment does provide citizens with the right to own firearms.

Police were able to get information on Allen using a device with a GPS that was stolen from the woman, police said at the time.

Authorities said a grand jury did not indict him on those charges.

In that case he was sentenced to 13 years with 18 months to serve.

If you are a convicted felon, then you are no doubt aware that one of the main rights you lose even after you serve your time is the right to own a firearm.

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