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great pussy, great talent exploited very badly .....

It'd be funny if her Twitter got hacked, but she didn't even notice it due to barely using it.

I'm trying to be as respectful/civil as possible, but can anyone honestly not argue that she's done an absolutely atrocious job marketing herself?

I'm wondering if her twitter account got hacked, and that's not even her exposing the fake Instagram/catfish account.ckjordan wrote:^at this stage in her career she only needs to do the occasional scene to stay somewhat relevant in the industry.

Brummie wrote: I suppose with Audrey you can say what's done is done.

Honestly, I thought this would have been obvious, but what I meant by "marketing yourself" is effectively anything done in the public eye besides standard production.

Nikki Benz and Nicole Aniston are doing this very thing).

The catfish account of her on Instagram has almost 250k followers from just posting non-nude pics from scenes photoshoots basically, and it isn't even near a year old (it's about ~9 months).You know things like signing events, active and pseudo-personalized social media accounts, accepting and giving endorsements of various products etc.Just taking a vanilla but candid selfie alone would be a pretty good start.If not marketing yourself properly means not getting yourself "known" worldwide. I knew of her in her early years and I still love her scene even now.So I don't agree with that statement She has probably planned her career out the way she wanted to and to that end it seems to have worked out fairly well for her.We will never know if she planned her career the way she did if I remember correctly, the scars from her breast implants really did hurt her staging and viability to some degree (what's sad is she honestly probably didn't even need breast implants).If I had to guess, things didn't go as planned (I doubt she honestly had some long-term plan) as she has been growing far more transparent each and every year, and she seemed to be pretty public in the earlier stages of her work.Hence the lack of marketing (in your view) now, older and wiser, she has more time to remedy this.I have said I was one of those who have heard of Audrey for a few years so I must have seen a very early scene of hers and kept her in mind.You may have your opinion while others may have a different opinion of Audrey.She obviously earns enough to live, but I just don't understand why you wouldn't do so for the other opportunities.

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