Hcg levels and pregnancy dating

No considerable differences were found between RRs calculated in the general population or in uncomplicated pregnancies only.

Maternal smoking, BMI, parity, ethnicity, fetal gender, placental weight and hyperemesis gravidarum symptoms were associated with total h CG.

We provide gestational RRs for total h CG and show that total h CG values and RR cut-offs during pregnancy vary depending on pregnancy dating methodology.

This is likely due to the influence of h CG on embryonic growth, suggesting that ultrasound based pregnancy dating might be less reliable in women with high/low h CG levels.

These are used to compare with other pregnancies on percentile charts.

Gestational age specific RRs using ‘ultrasound derived gestational age’ (US RRs) were calculated and compared with ‘last menstrual period derived gestational age’ (LMP RRs) and a model-based RR.

The Fundal height measurement is an old an quick way to check baby is growing at the right rate.

At most visits your pregnancy weight gain is checked as too little or too much weight gain may cause problems at a later stage.

Check yours with our h CG Level Doubling Time Calculator The important Due Date, possible conception date or weeks and trimester dates, here are a few calculators to help with those: Due Date Calculator: Enter the LMP, Conception or IVF date and you will be shown your Expected Date of Delivery, how many weeks and days pregnant you are.

Along with these are links to the week and trimester at this stage of pregnancy.

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