Handling rejection in dating

Jill Monaco is the Founder of Jill Monaco Ministries, a non-profit organization committed to loving people the way Jesus loves.She is a popular speaker, blogger and the publisher and editor-in-chief of Single She has a passion to inspire others to have an intimate relationship with God.By submitting our will to the will of God through prayer, we will have a renewal of peace. What do prayer and renewing our minds in the midst of rejection actually look like? But when you can learn how to overcome rejection, you won’t respond with so much hurt the next time.

Also take time to know them, spend time together in public, meet their family.(Single Matters) Jesus experienced the worst kind of rejection by his friend Judas and the leaders of His day. But that very rejection is what allows you to overcome the real enemy.Remember that your real enemy isn’t the person who rejected you.It may sound like this: “I am wonderfully and fearfully made.I am going from glory to glory and God will bring me someone that sees me as the gift that I am.” And then bless the very person who rejected you.I'm learning the hard way, this is a great site, godly.Thank u Tim Jeremiah is one of my favorite verses and since I started this "dating" adventure I do pray God's will even more then I used to.That can be confusing because you feel it so deeply that it’s hard to think differently than your feelings.The Bible says that we are made up of a soul: body, mind and emotions.Rejection engages our emotions to respond in hurt and carry offense.Our thoughts about rejection determine what we believe and ultimately what we do in response to the hurt. When we rehearse what the other person did to reject us, then we have begun the process of solidifying a belief into an offense.

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