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Now imagine finding out that a hacker had been watching you the whole time through your laptop.

That’s precisely what happened to Chelsea Clark and her boyfriend one night while watching Netflix on their laptop.

If you create a good search term and scroll enough, you’ll be able to access plenty of totally unprotected webcams, without any hacking or exploitations skills whatsoever.

Imagine laying in bed with your significant other on a random Wednesday night watching something on your computer.

Mobile phone doesn’t expose it’s own IP address so that’s a different story.

You can’t reach it because it’s going thru the :a) telecom if you’re using e.g. Knowing IP only gives attacker nothing, because the same IP is shared across thousands of telecom customers at onceb) your home router.

Mobile phones are very well secured, and if you keep them up to date you’ll be fine.

So if you’re referring to hacking phones remotely, then it’s unlikely.

” Turns out the voice was coming through their baby monitor camera. “In general, there are two types of devices that are hacked: devices connected to a personal computer (e.g., a webcam) and standalone devices that are connected to the Internet (e.g., networked security cameras or baby monitors),” says Jonathan Katz, Ph D, professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of Maryland and director of the Maryland Cybersecurity Center.“However, they should check for security updates from the vendor and also change the default password, if possible.” Owners can also register their devices with the manufacturer.Doing this means that if the company detects an issue, they can alert owners that an update is needed.Unbeknownst to them, a hacker was taking pictures of the couple laying intimately in bed with each other by accessing the laptop’s webcam.Clark wasn’t aware of the invasion of privacy until she logged onto social media the next day and saw pictures that the hacker sent to her.Altho possible, it requires a killchain of hacking a router - you’re home.If you ask about webcams in terms of general cameras connected to the Internet such as facility monitoring cameras then that’s much easier.If your router is well secured, there is also no way of breaking into the phone knowing the IP, because that IP is router’s IP.If you’re asking about webcam hacking, it’s a whole different beast.Hackers were able to move the camera independently, which was only supposed to change position upon sensing the baby’s movement, and shout obscenities at the couple, as well. “Accessing the first type of device would require a hacker to get access to the computer; this could be done by exploiting a vulnerability on the computer, but more often happens if the user is tricked into visiting a malicious website, installing malicious software, or opening a malicious email attachment.” Getting into the standalone devices, however, is often easier for hackers, as these products typically have weak security features, says Katz.In 2016, then-FBI Director James Comey said in a Q&A that he placed a piece of tape over the webcam on his laptop to prevent hackers from seeing through his webcam. Although it sounds archaic, if the old tape-over-the-camera technique is good enough for a Director of the FBI, then it should be good for the rest of us, right?

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