Gong yoo dating im soo jung

I am curious if she is into relationship, she seem to be tied up with career, i hope she would find a man who can really take care of such a beauty. I've lost interest in Kdrama land for more than 2 years now. I really hope you can comebck to television drama series bck.... I hope you can meet again in the latest drama after 10 years of drama " Coffee Prince " finished. for whatever korean netizen said or every issue has spread in korea remember that you still have a loyal fans in another place, in another country that willingly buying and having every thing about you, even we collect the magazine that makes you as its cover.

i wish you all the best specially good health, peace and joy. i love you beautiful girl..care and more projects to come...cheers!!!! Picky enough to enjoy a drama, but kdrama and their new face of actor/actress nowadays is so so. Even from Malaysian like me, you have alot of fans... I always love your drama and movie and especially your photo shoot in every magazine, they are all so gorgeous.

Read details about his present and past relationship and vote below for your favorite girl for Gong Yoo.

Gong Yoo said in the TV show that his optimal sorts appeared to be different from what he had when he was more youthful, responding to an inquiry concerning what kind of lady he enjoys.

He revealed that he used to like ladies of style however later changed to ordinary women.

As you can see from the tagline up top, this blog is for reviews and fangirling, and while I’ve been busily posting reviews, the fangirling’s been limited to the context of the reviews. – but what I loved hands down, was his smitten face. ♥ I went on to watch One Fine Day (2006) but I didn’t like the show. Plus he was perfectly believable as both the cool, bad boy and the head-over-heels smitten boy. To get a feel for how hot he is in this movie, check out this Gong Yoo cut of S Diary.

In each K-Love Confession, I will focus on one of my K-loves – I have several big ones, and quite a few medium-sized ones – and there will be extended fangirling and spazzing. At the time, his physique wasn’t as, er, shall we say, , as it is now, and I thought the shirtless scene was pretty matter-of-fact. I loved a lot of things about Coffee Prince – and watched it 5 times to prove it! Check out these screencaps of said smitten face: So. I wanted a Choi Han Gyul of my very own, who would look the same way just from thinking about . I thought he had really good muscle definition and an excellent V-line. And then, when the shirt came off, he was jaw-droppingly delicious.

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