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Links Website // Facebook // Twitter // Amazon Guest post by Coleen Kwan Whenever people learn that I’m a fiction writer, they often ask “Where do you get your ideas from?

” It’s a great question, and sometimes I wonder myself, especially when I’m out of ideas and everything I think of sounds stale and tired.

After many years of programming, I wondered what else there was in life — and discovered writing.

I love writing contemporary romance whether it's sweet or sensual. When I'm not writing I enjoy avoiding housework, eating chocolate, and watching Bob's Burgers and Criminal Minds.

They have a fabulous click on many levels and seem to really get each other. I like it a lot when the love between two people feels inevitable because the main characters truly belong together.The result is a dynamic love story with two sweet main characters.I'm a big fan of endearing feelgood stories and Dating for Keeps definitely falls into that category. Advice If you love sweet romantic stories you don't want to miss Dating for Keeps. At school English was my favorite subject, but for some reason I decided on a career in IT.Her first date makes her feel terrible about herself, but fortunately that day she also meets a handsome contractor, who's now coming to the rescue. There's something between them, but Caleb isn't interested in relationships, so friendship is a better idea if they want to keep in touch. Caleb thinks he's the ideal candidate, but can't get an interview.In exchange for dating advice Lily promises to arrange this for him.Caleb will help Lily to find the ideal partner and she will help him with a solid plan to impress her father. However, Caleb secretly doesn't want Lily to date anyone else and Lily dreams about her new friend a lot more than she does about the men she's going out with.Will their arrangement be a success or will it end in heartbreak? It's clear from the start that Lily and Caleb are a great match.(Goodreads) Throb has one the tropes that I haven’t seen in a long time in Romance books, which is the Right Person, Wrong Time scenario.However, the novel twist that Keeland has used is the fact that the heroine, Kate, is one of the final contestants on a new “Scripted Reality” dating show.While Kate clears Conner and his poker buddies out, Conner falls hard for this girl next door.However, not only is Kate tied to her contract with the show, the creator of the show also happens to be Conner’s half-brother.

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