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Without the traditional setting options, bookmarks layout and context menus, chrome gave its users a new experience in surfing the net.

Gone are the days of frustrating and complicated chain of clicks and jumps.

It allows you to hide what you are doing and save space since cookies are deleted.

The regular and incognito browsers can be used simultaneously.

It warns you when a certain website is suspected to be harmful and automatically updates the browser’s security fixes.

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Broad Compatibility Chrome is highly compatible with the internet.

It is equipped with V8, a powerful and fast Java Script engine that uses lesser RAM and Web Kit, an open source rendering engine.

Accessible Address Bar and Options When searching on the internet, users usually type in in the address bar first but with chrome, you can directly type in what you’re looking for and it will automatically show similar browser sessions and search results. Options are also conveniently placed in one side of the browser.

Selecting the right browser can make a big difference since it can make tasks easier and faster.

There are several options out there but Google Chrome is easily the best web browser on the market today.

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