Fuck date sits for iphones

"I had gone away for a few months during the first year of our relationship for school.When I got back, I just had a feeling that something was wrong, so I snooped through my boyfriend's phone."When I was dating my ex, we spent most of our time at his apartment because I still lived at home. He was sleeping next to me at the time and I went through his Facebook messages, texts, and anything else I could find. It's not a way to build trust in a relationship." —6.I would stay at his place by myself often and he had one closet that he said was 'off limits.' Obviously I snooped so hard right away. I never spoke of it and brought it up about a year later. "I went through my ex's phone when he started to become very distant.One day, I opened my laptop to about 25 pictures of different naked girls.

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When I asked, he said hadn't know what the account was when he added it.

He said no, even offering that I could check his phone. He had the audacity to lie and say she was 'just a friend.' I don't know about you, but I don't text my friends about my panties ... "I was holding my boyfriend's phone one day during our freshman year of college.

The next morning, when we were getting ready for work, I decided to take him up on his offer while he was in the shower. He got a Snapchat notification from one of our friends, so I checked it like normal. I found out that he had been following a notorious porn Snapchat account at our college where girls would post nude photos and videos of themselves, and frat guys would post videos of themselves having sex with girls, or the aftermath.

For the most part, it was all junk and his vast shoe collection. We had been dating for seven years and I never felt the need to snoop until that moment.

But I found an old Altoids container and when I picked it up, it felt full. When I went through his texts, I found a conversation between him and his best friend Jon.

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