Friendship turns to dating

that two or more things exist in such a way that there is nothing between them that is not from them, and this is metaphorically used for closeness in terms of location, relation, and from the perspective of religion, and of companionship, and of reinforcing aid, and beliefs, and wilaaya is to support [back-up] and walaaya is the encharging of affairs.” [Mufradaat al-Quran, al-Isfahani] Even when wali is translated without qualification as “friend” for humans, such as when one mentions a “wali of Allah” – may Allah Ta’ala make us amongst His awliya!– it implies a closeness between the Divine Master and slave such that absolutely nothing foreign is between them; the slave stands for everything the Master stands for, nor are they out of sync at all. Does this verse mean that we cannot have non-Muslim friends?

And the one amongst you who turns to them as protecting allies, then he is one of them.So it becomes obvious from this analysis then, that the term wali here is not simply a “friend”, like the ones we make with the people we interact with each day in society.Next, we have to look at the verse in its proper context to see which meaning of the word is most appropriate for the translation of wali in this case to arrive at the correct interpretation.I particularly like multiple choice questions with one choice being fill-in-the-blank.They allow for some fun and creative choices while still leaving it wide open for people to answer however they like.The intent is for everyone to get to know everyone else. The latter should be allowed the freedom to so that the experience is not stressful for them.In fact, often times I leave the questions so open-ended that when someone asks exactly what I mean, I would say, "However you want to interpret it! And there might be some who are very uncomfortable about speaking up in a crowd. It's not about accomplishing the task of doing icebreakers; it's about caring for people.In interpreting the Qur’an then, it is vital to understand what was happening at the time of revelation that caused a particular verse to be sent down (these occasions are called asbaab al-nuzool in the science of Qur’anic exgesis).Many classical scholars of Qu’ranic exegesis (al-tafseer) have stated that this verse has up to three possible reasons for revelation.“Friendship” can be included in this, but walaa’ is a type of intimate and extremely loyal bond that is not used for everyday friendships in Arabic.Allah calls Himself a wali of the believers and also calls Himself by its derivative, al-Maula, which roughly means “the Patron”.

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