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It's my mission in life to make sure that you will never overpay for a live show and that you can always find the webcams you want.Read my reviews of the top live chat sites on the net and start saving big on adult cams.This study demonstrates the degree to which relatively basic digital records of human behavior can be used to automatically and accurately estimate a wide range of personal attributes that people would typically assume to be private.The study is based on Facebook Likes, a mechanism used by Facebook users to express their positive association with (or “Like”) online content, such as photos, friends’ status updates, Facebook pages of products, sports, musicians, books, restaurants, or popular Web sites.Likes represent a very generic class of digital records, similar to Web search queries, Web browsing histories, and credit card purchases.For example, observing users’ Likes related to music provides similar information to observing records of songs listened to online, songs and artists searched for using a Web search engine, or subscriptions to related Twitter channels.It's therefore necessary to use a valid e-mail address...

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Users and their Likes were represented as a sparse user–Like matrix, the entries of which were set to 1 if there existed an association between a user and a Like and 0 otherwise.

As this example shows, predicting personal information to improve products, services, and targeting can also lead to dangerous invasions of privacy.

Predicting individual traits and attributes based on various cues, such as samples of written text (8), answers to a psychometric test (9), or the appearance of spaces people inhabit (10), has a long history.

In contrast to these other sources of information, Facebook Likes are unusual in that they are currently publicly available by default. We selected traits and attributes that reveal how accurate and potentially intrusive such a predictive analysis can be, including “sexual orientation,” “ethnic origin,” “political views,” “religion,” “personality,” “intelligence,” “satisfaction with life” (SWL), substance use (“alcohol,” “drugs,” “cigarettes”), “whether an individual’s parents stayed together until the individual was 21 y old,” and basic demographic attributes such as “age,” “gender,” “relationship status,” and “size and density of the friendship network.” Five Factor Model (9) personality scores ( = 7,000; 73% Caucasian; 14% African American; 13% others).

However, those other digital records are still available to numerous parties (e.g., governments, developers of Web browsers, search engines, or Facebook applications), and, hence, similar predictions are unlikely to be limited to the Facebook environment. Sexual orientation was assigned using the Facebook profile “Interested in” field; users interested only in others of the same sex were labeled as homosexual (4.3% males; 2.4% females), whereas those interested in users of the opposite gender were labeled as heterosexual.

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