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- Psychologists, Therapists, Relationship Counselors Click on your state / province / country below.

If your state / province / country isn't listed, then we don't yet have any poly-friendly professionals listed there in this category.

It can get complicated at times, please feel free to give us a call for more details on reservations, Some people do get approved first, get on the pre-qualified list but may decide to wait until placing a deposit reservation as they are unsure of their timeline.

You can get pre-approved and go on a waiting list for the future.

There are just too many variables that affect conversions, so its very difficult to have apples to apples comparisons between different sites. Also, be sure see how Nike is making more persuasive product pages with compelling images. The role of product copy is to give buyers enough information, so they could this is the right product for them. If they read the whole thing and still have questions or doubts, then you have a problem.

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We do reserve the right to hold a particular puppy from any litter if we decide he or she may be added to our own breeding stock for the future.

All picks or choices must be made by 6 weeks of age.

We prefer to wait until some personalities appear and we can help families make a decision that way, or if the families have their heart set on a certain color, sex, markings, etc.

We use the Volhard puppy temperament test to determine suitability levels for all our puppies' families as well as our own trained eye observation of behavior.

We can accept a reservation by Paypal, which is the preferred method which is immediate and provides you with an instantaneous receipt and time and date stamps the deposit.

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