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Should you ever kill to defend yourself, your family or your country? But there is a decision for every member of the human race to make today. If you avoid it until the end, then it may be too late for you for this system. Well, it is because telling us what to do does not work, we will simply rebel.

But it will tug at you more and more as we get nearer and nearer to the end. This is the second law of Christianity, namely that one should love one's neighbour as oneself and one should do unto others as one would have them do unto us. The problems in the world today can all be traced to mankind's lack of understanding of good and bad. Like in the film I, robot, any intelligent being eventually questions what its rules are and rewrites them and so achieves free will. We have already questioned his one rule in the garden of Eden.

(There are 3 baptisms: faith water and spirit - see [I33]) These blessings can result: .

[J33] The Power of the Woman Here are a few good reasons: [1] We can demonstrate that we have decoded many parts of the bible correctly.

[2] We can conclusively prove that we are the 4th and last true Christian religion, being the church of the Second New Covenant - U11.

(We would at this time like to pass on a couple of special requests from church members for Julia Roberts and Richard Gere! Has Darwin's theory based on the beaks of finches in a small island been proven or disproven? Why is there so much pain and suffering in the World? If a man kills a cat, should he get 5 years in prison?

) [9] If you would like to know more about the divine theory of how to love permanently, about how to recognise and deal with abuse, about the fundamental importance of love in every day life then pay us a visit. What is the minimum set of laws that a technologically advanced society needs to have and to obey in order for it to survive indefinitely ? Is off-balance sheet accounting, accounting or is it false accounting? Is Israel still a holy land promised by God to the sons of Jacob or not?

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  1. I read some artciles saying that the YP map is not supported by the automount in Linux. If so, do I have other ways to auto-mount these directories on Redhat? The getservbyport function expects a network byte order port number. After removing the nis entry in nsswitch.conf, all works fine. But, because this map doesn't exist on the NIS servers, connections are refused and errors logged. hosts.byname and hosts.byaddr remain nonexistant on the slave system, but exists fine on the master system. I have 5 machines running FC3, one contains /home and the password file.