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The Facebook owned app is immensely popular for typed messaging over a network connection but also offers calling and video chat too.

Since so many people already use Whats App it’s a great way to video chat to anyone phone to phone - and it’s perfect for making voice calls when the cell signal isn’t up to scratch.

Hangouts lets you have multiple callers in one video chat too, intelligently spotting who’s talking and making that video the main one on screen.

The app also allows for messaging so you can share photos but - rather brilliantly - also allows for screen sharing.

Just make sure you’re on Wi-Fi or it could end up costing you in network data charges.

If you were part of the wave of gamers that bought a Kinect and have left it collecting dust ever since, get out your feather duster, as you can video chat using your Xbox and a Kinect.

Like we promised, here in this section we have elaborated the truth about this app.

Ideal for a pre-gaming battle planning sessions with your online amigos, then.With Apple and Microsoft offering video chat solutions, obviously Google has its own option too - and it comes in the form of Hangouts.This allows for calls and video chat from within a browser on your laptop or PC, so anyone else with Hangouts on a computer, phone or tablet can be contacted.We will reveal the suspense related to Face Time for Android version later in the article.If you wish to download this amazing app for your desired device then we request you to continue reading this article.The developers of this app had configured this app for i Phone users only as the developers themselves are Apple company.Until we get the Face Time for Android apk true links, we urge that the Android users try some of its alternative apps which are providing similar features for video and audio calls.If you have an i Pad then the Face Time app will already be installed ready for you to start using.From within there you can find contacts that are also using Apple hardware, and then it’s a simple as tapping the video icon and the app will make a call to them.We provided in-depth guide on Face Time Download App for Android APK, i Phone & PC Windows for our readers to know the use and download procedure of this amazing app.Face Time is one of the coolest apps used for video calls, audio calls and messaging to any of our friends over the internet.

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