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Airbnb, like many crowdsourced sites and apps, encourages referrals as low-cost form of marketing.

The system works well for Airbnb and for many other sites. Most sites use the same offer: Invite a friend using a custom URL or sign up code. The site knows that you, and not anyone else, referred him.

When your friend uses the service, he saves $X on his first booking, and you get $X in credits for your next booking. After your friend pays for his first booking, you receive your credits for referring him. All of the referral programs below are only valid for new users.

If you refer someone who is already signed up for that site, neither of you will receive credits. They want to get customers, not give away free money to existing customers.

You’ll be surprised how life-changing something so simple can be.

Depending on your membership plan, you'll either be billed monthly, bi-monthly, or annually.

Then you can take turns using each person’s credits as you travel. Include your link on your website or blog and in your email signature. Uber has the most detailed referral policy, probably because they were almost burned for ,000 in credits.

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Most travel apps have referral programs because marketing an app is extremely hard. If you prefer hotels to Airbnb, you can still save on accommodations.Most sites have tools to help you refer your friends.The page listing your referral code will have buttons to share your code via Facebook, Twitter, or email. Your friends and followers will be happy to help you while they’re saving money. If you’re a frequent traveler, your friends and family probably ask you for advice when they travel.Like Airbnb, Hotel Tonight offers in credits for each new referral. Regardless of where I’m at, if a city has Uber, I’ll use it to get around.Uber is a great way to guarantee that you’ll be picked up and to prevent getting ripped off by cabbies.When recommending a site with a referral program, suggest that they sign up using your code.If you’re traveling with friends or as a group, start a referral chain where each person refers the next person.Hotel Tonight is a app for booking hotels at the last-minute.They offer deeply discounted rooms for same-day bookings. Download the Hotel Tonight app and use my invite code (fperrotta) for off your first booking.Promoting your referral code via Search Engine Marketing (e.g., Ad Words/Yahoo/Bing) is also not allowed.Next, we’ll discuss the specific sites and apps that offer the best referral programs. The site is social by nature and growing fast, so word of mouth referrals work well.

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