Foster siblings dating

(8) "Foster Care" means the temporary provision of family based care for a foster child by a foster parent.

(9) "Foster Parent" means a substitute parent licensed by the DHS Office of Licensing or certified by a licensed child-placing foster agency, and includes the spouse of the primary applicant.

(19) "Sick" means to have a fever, to be experiencing ongoing or severe diarrhea, unexplained lethargy, respiratory distress, ongoing or severe vomiting, or pain or other symptoms that are ongoing or severe enough to impair a child's ability to participate in normal activity.

(1) Initial Application for Licensure or Certification: An individual or legally married couple age 21 or over may apply to be a foster parent.

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(ii) Determination of need and type of examination will be made collaboratively involving the licensor, Agency or Office of Licensing administration, and clinical staff from within the Department of Human Services or Agency.

(12) "Human Services Program" is defined in Section 62A-2-101. (a) Foster parents shall utilize reasonable and prudent judgment in selecting a provider of incidental care of a foster child; (b) incidental care is permitted only in DHS licensed homes, not those certified by child placing agencies.

(14) "Medication" means any over-the-counter or prescription drug, vitamin, or supplement in any form.

(1) This Rule establishes standards for the licensure of foster parents for children in the custody of DHS, inclusive of its Divisions.

(2) This Rule establishes standards that must be utilized by child-placing foster agencies for the certification of foster parents to provide care for foster children.

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