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As teachers, we might not immediately see the fruits of our labor because the work we do is gradual.

We lay the foundation for a child’s growth by touching her heart, expanding her mind, and helping her find her voice.

Suzy is a self-professed chemistry nerd with a lifelong interest in math and science.

For high school, she attended the North Carolina School of Science and Math, and then at Davidson College, she majored in chemistry.

Suzy is the first teacher to have three girls at AGS, Molli ‘19, Audrey ‘20, and Lucy ‘21.

This gives her the opportunity to expand her thinking around education and to experience AGS as a parent. In addition to putting together puzzles and playing board games, she loves making spreadsheets. Suzy and her husband are planning motorcycle rides to the four corners of Georgia this summer.

Sally hopes to continue this service work in international relations and pursue a career in the nonprofit sector.

100% of our graduates are accepted to a four-year college or university.Her students enjoyed “e foods,” including eclairs, Eggo waffles, and English muffins.For her physics students, she made motion far more interesting with Fred, The Jumping Spring Toy Lab.We often tell people that teaching is rewarding, but we do not always see the reward of a day’s work in our profession.We do not see final products like the construction of a church or a successful surgery that has saved a life.But her time in Cambodia is where Sally notes she saw her most personal growth and where her passion for international development was confirmed.“As soon as I saw the hard work and important issues we’d be tackling in Cambodia, I knew I wanted to choose this trip as my global travel experience.…Or see the spark of discovery when a girl sees a salamander embryo that she collected from our little stream move under the microscope?Pure joy and wonderment in the world is the truest currency.This was the kind of challenge I want to meet in a future career: foreign service with a focus on working with developing countries and helping the people there reach their full potential.” She began the trip by learning about the history of the Khmer Rouge and the impact it had on the government and the people of Cambodia.She also visited multiple NGOs that work to fight the corruption in the government and provide means of alternative therapy.

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