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It’s an age-old problem, except that this time when the student was asked about her behavior, the dean reported that the girl didn’t have much to say: “She was almost robotic in her response.

They were told that they would have from six to 15 minutes alone and that the only rules were that they had to stay seated and not fall asleep.If we don’t know how to be alone, we’ll only know how to be lonely.A VIRTUOUS circle links conversation to the capacity for self-reflection.Now they use it when they want to be both with their friends and, as some put it, “elsewhere.”These days, we feel less of a need to hide the fact that we are dividing our attention.In a 2015 study by the Pew Research Center, 89 percent of cellphone owners said they had used their phones during the last social gathering they attended.COLLEGE students tell me they know how to look someone in the eye and type on their phones at the same time, their split attention undetected.They say it’s a skill they mastered in middle school when they wanted to text in class without getting caught.These days, what made the biggest impression was being phoneless.One boy called it “time where you have nothing to do but think quietly and talk to your friends.” The campers also spoke about their new taste for life away from the online feed.In one experiment, many student subjects opted to give themselves mild electric shocks rather than sit alone with their thoughts.People sometimes say to me that they can see how one might be disturbed when people turn to their phones when they are together.

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