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I’ll greet them and then skedaddle for four hours before coming home to make dinner for everyone.

Sable is a hot milf and an occasional playmate to Ernest, though we’ve had our threesomes, too.

I like that the history is never really spelled out, leaving the audience to fill in the gaps themselves.

I liked that the director and producer really cared about the story and the production values. The interesting thing was I played Mother Superior. As most of you likely know by now, my late mother was a Buddhist Mother Superior (the Abbess) for seven years.

Branching Out I’m in the process of building a new site. For now I’m thinking of it as “Nina with her clothes on.” I have to believe that many people will want access to what I know but are not in a position to be on a movie set!

This one will be devoted to non-explicit counseling, consulting and coaching. When it’s set to launch I will certainly talk about it here. SOLO SHOW MARCH 2nd SOLO SHOW MARCH 9th NAYBE SHOW MARCH 16th (coming back from travel, so depends) NO SHOW MARCH 23rd (travel) NO SHOW MARCH 30 (Out of town guests) NO SHOW APRIL 6th ((‘ll be in Oregon at Eve’s Boutique) SHOW APRIL 13 (Whew!

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I hooked her hands above her with lose chains and Ernest lay down beside her, knowing what was next: the suction machine!

I like it when they’re alone, as she gives him a quality of attention that is hot for both of them.

I don’t know what they’ll do, though I will help Ernest set up ahead of time so I will have an idea. For a certain type of woman, Ernest is the best ride in town. As much fun as we have with others, as deep as it goes, as important as those times are for us as individuals, the best experiences remain with each other. Confessions Of A Sinful Nun I just did a movie for Sweetheart Video, “Confessions of a Sinful Nun” and had the best time in my scene with the amazing Mona Wales (@monawalesxxx on Twitter).

We went through one of those semi-droughts, so I had no thrilling social engagements to share.

If any of you are in non-monogamous marriages you’ll know that sometimes one’s social calendar is booked to the gills and sometimes it seems as if we’ll never have a threesome again.

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