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Cashback credit cards are a particular type of rewards credit cards, which reward customers for spending by giving them a specified percentage of the cost of the purchase back as cash.

Unlike traditional points-based credit card reward schemes, which offer their customers points toward loyalty programs as they spend, cashback is a relatively simple concept for customers to understand.

1914 In the US Western Union provide metal being accepted in 27 restaurants.

By the end of the year 20,000 people were using Diners Club.

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Also, the once familiar ‘Annual Fee’ that was traditionally incurred by those with a cashback credit card can now be avoided, since fee-free cards are now commonplace.

Demand for bad credit credit products surged and the profile of the people applying for them changed.

People who could once access some of the best UK credit card offers found themselves applying for credit building products to re-establish their credit profile.

1951 When customers of New York’s Franklin National Bank submitted an application for a loan they were screened for in the world installed by Barclays Bank in Enfield, Middlesex and launched in a press call on 27 June.

Early dispensers were designed to receive hole-punched vouchers of £10.00 each purchased by the customer from the bank and used in the dispenser when needed.

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