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It's even nicer if you find something you like about them to return the compliment. that's sweet of you to say."As I understand it, the "blessing" of extensions is that they don't appear "fake" so you're really overriding your own efforts to "feel confident" by telling your dates that your hair is "fake". I have the possiblity of the most amazing man in my life, he said to me right after meeting, please don't ever cut your beautiful hair, OMG, I cringed and said no, locks of love is way more important. So it's good that ignorant men answer the way they do, clued in, you know they aren't right for you. To me hair is no different than clothes or make-up.I don't see any reason for you to say anything more unless there's a chance of one falling off in his soup. After explaining what my hair is going to be donated for he said, I could be bald and it wouldn't matter to him. It makes you feel good, it helps you feel your best, and helps to express who you are.If a guy can't respect a woman w/ a good solid core, is he worth worrying about? I figured there had to be people in the program that wanted "not the norm" hair to feel like them.I tried to give hair to locks of love one time, but because some of it had been dyed unusual colors(ok I didn't research, but I cut a foot of strong healthy hair off(I went from thigh long hair to just almost shoulder length brown w/ pink streaks & my stylist took it for custom, high end hair pieces when...) it was rejected by the program. Just because it isn't the hair that grows out of your head doesn't mean that it isn't an expression of who you are. Shot in razor-sharp, crystal-clear High Definition, and not that pathetic grainy crap that passes off as "quality free porn movies" these days, it's time you found a real FREE porn site that values QUALITY just as much as quantity.

When someone compliments you, all you need to do is say "thank you". I undertand about cancer, I have given my "locks for love" more times than I care to think about . About ready to do it all over again, my hair will probably be even shorter this time because it's an older girl and I plan to give her shoulder length hair. because the right one for you, will love you for you. As a surviver you can were your baldness or short hair like a badge, I have watched how hard chemo is, go you for being stronger than the cure!! I can't tell you how many times women would pull it Trust me I'm not complaining. Sounds like those guys are just superficial and you're better off without them. It's attached to you after all, and in a way no different from make-up or clothes. I play w/ my hair constantly(I can't take pictures enough to keep up w/ my hair changes) .Human hair works best for hair extensions, wigs, and topees. I cannot believe men would be so taken aback by you having extensions.If you are balded for whatever reason, please get a human hair wig, extention or so called topee. Don't they realize that nearly all of the female movie and television stars and recording artists wear hair extensions at various times?If a guy has an issue when you tell him, I would be tempted to ask him if it would be as big a deal if you had "fake" boobs?*sarcasm*I think it is awesome you are conquering cancer OP, and that you have the confidence to still be you and go forward w/ your life.I could not date a balded or shaved headed man who I had to look at bald and shaved on the head. I would be willing to date a man with a good hairpiece and so called "fake" hair.I am a licensed Cosmotologist, (licensed to do hair) I don't really like "fake" hair meaning non human hair. I would rather date a man who has a human hair, hairpiece on his head than a balded or shaved head man.Dang, if a woman has to start worrying about if her hair is "real" enough, how shallow does that make men out there?*joking*In my opinion, so called fake hair is better than no hair. I use hair extensions etc alot because my hair is too fine.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.Okay so I went through cancer a few years back and my hair doesn't grow so fast.

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