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Rather than directly assigning configuration values to an endpoint, binding-related configuration values are grouped in Note that the default set of service behaviors are added to the service.This system allows endpoints to share common configurations without redefining the settings.You can also clear behavior collections by using the Behavior merge is done for nameless behavior collections as shown above and named behavior collections as well.Behavior merge works in the IIS hosting environment, in which Web.config files merge hierarchically with the root Web.config file and machine.config.Changes made to that file are automatically made to the final application configuration file at compile time.In using an App.config, file the configuration system merges the App.config file with content of the Machine.config file when the application starts and the configuration is applied.

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Behavior merge applies to both endpoint behaviors and service behaviors in configuration.This mechanism allows machine-wide settings to be defined in the Machine.config file.The App.config file can be used to override the settings of the Machine.config file; you can also lock in the settings in Machine.config file so that they get to the name of a method that returns data for the Grid View.The Grid View is then automatically populated with the data that is returned from the select method.Important When deploying side by side scenarios where two different versions of a service are deployed, it is necessary to specify partial names of assemblies referenced in configuration files. If you are using IIS to host your service, use a Web.config file.This is because the configuration file is shared across all versions of a service and they could be running under different versions of the . If you are using any other hosting environment, use an App.config file.This feature allows you to specify behaviors at different levels of the configuration hierarchy and have services inherit behaviors from multiple levels of the configuration hierarchy.To illustrate how this works assume you have the following virtual directory layout in IIS: ~\Web.config~\Service.svc~\Child\Web.config~\Child\And your ~\Web.config file has the following contents: The service located at ~\Child\will behave as though it has both the service Debug and service Metadata behaviors.Model binding can simplify your code for working with data.For more information, see Model Binding and Web Forms.

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