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The Row Updated event occurs when you call an Update method on a data adapter.Ole Db Row Updating Event Handler handles the Row Updating event of Ole Db Data Adapter.The event argument class contains the related to the event, which can be accessed through event argument class members. As you can see from figure 9-1, event handler classes come from the Delegate class, and event argument classes come from the Event Args class.

When an event occurs, the associated method executed.An Info Message event occurs when a provider sends a warning or an informational message to the application.Ole Db Row Update Event Handler handles the Row Update event of Ole Db Data Adapter.The Info Message Event Args is as follows: Where Sender is the source of the event of the event and e is an Ole Db Info Message Event Args object that contains the event data.Table 9-1 defines the Info Message Event Args properties.You can use these events to retrieve informational messages from a data source or to determine if the state of Connection changes.These two events are Info Message and State Change.Table 9-1 The Info Message Event Args properties Caution: Some if these members may vary for other data providers.For example, the Sql data provider doesn't have an Error Code property.I also set the text of the buttons to "State Change Event" and "Info Message Event". Figure 9-3 Windows application for testing connection events You can add both connection events programmatically as well as at design-time. NET, just drag an Sql Connection (or Ole Db Connection) from toolbox's Data tab to a form and write events from the properties windows.As you can see in figure 9-4, you merely double-click the Info Message and State Change events to write event handlers for them.

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