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Now at step 3, I kept on getting Http 400 response back.

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Recent log entries states the above: Facebook OAuth could not acquire an access token URL used for request: I deleted the app on facebook and created a new one without success. I don't have IIS to test on, but I'd be surprised if it was responsible for the problem. There is very little info from Google on the matter.I disabled the forums on the live site and the access-token was then displayed, but fboauth still displayed the error message in the logs stating that it wasn't able to obtain one. We queried the following URL: However on all pages where destination was referring to a specific page, the issue didn't occur. I wonder why it works on one site and not on another...? After some more testing, I notice there is a difference in behavior between browsers. For FF and Chrome, there is #_=_ appended to the redicted URL, but there is no "#_=_" appened for IE after logging in. Please ensure that your app can handle this behavior. I just added a "/" at the end of the url and now it works... Facebook's servers returned an error -110: " I'm not convinced that Facebook's servers are to blame, though. into a browser will deliver a beautiful access token.I'm thinking that it's possible that fboauth needs to be installed before the forum module -- I suppose I can test that out on a new drupal install -- one with the forum module already installed, and one without, and test it that way. I resolved it by putting destination=front (where front is the path alias for my front page) for the front page. see the url's under Join & Log In buttons if you need an example of what I meant. It has been working fine for me only on the home page; on other pages it works intermittently, even after adding "? I've noticed the redirect_url parameter for the Facebook Connect is set to: "/fboauth/connect". Should this be set to the home page URL instead, so we don't need to add "? What I see when the users push the F Connect button (obfuscated a little for security reasons) The link on the button:https:// The error in the error log: Pasting the above Also, when using I see this [total 1079ms] Status: 302[Found] POST https://So after some research, I found out that on that redirect_uri that we submitted on step 3 doesn't do anything but validate the request. LJ COSMETOLOGY is a specially formulated lipstick range that offer rich bold shades, with intense colour pay-off.I reverted and enabled the module again with the same results as mentioned two paragraphs above.The local install I have running on XAMPP gives a generic facebook error, giving a 'go back' link on facebook's site. Yeah in order for Facebook to work locally, you need to make an entry in your computer's HOSTS file to make it so your local install appears like a real address.Perhaps you could try deploying your same site on different hardware (such as your local machine running WAMP or XAMPP) and see if you have better luck from there, that would indicate a problem with the server configuration.Or try the opposite and install a fresh copy of Drupal on your production hardware and see if FBOAuth works any better on that install, to rule out it being a module conflict. I deactivated the forum module (which I recently activated).A summons has now been served on the parties and is downloadable on the link below: “There are few things more powerful than people united.” Vironika Tugaleva We thank everyone for signing the petition, which has been a big factor in applying pressure to BMW to bring about the global recall that has been announced...A number of BMW R 1200 GS motorbike owners are sending a warning to the public to beware of using this bike, which is thought to be the reason for a number of accidents resulting in serious injury.

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