Three years later, on the centenary of Gandhi’s birth, he caused an outrage with his theme that Gandhi’s sexual abstinence was a form of perversion.Rajneesh had already commenced his career as a spiritual teacher or acharya, attracting the attention of wealthy, upper class Indians.His own career served to disprove this Reichian fallacy.


Rajneesh also became infamous as a critic of Mahatma Gandhi.

Calder poses the question: “What did Rajneesh want and get?

” He adds: “The answer is millions of dollars, absolute power, a harem of women, and a daily supply of drugs.” Rajneesh is reported to have experienced a brief experimentation with LSD, though in the long term he was “inhaling enough nitrous oxide to inflate a dirigible” (Calder, Ridiculous Teachings).

Rajneesh did not wish to emulate the fasting privations of Gandhi, who lived in rustic simplicity.

Instead, the “sex guru” collected jewellery and Rolls Royce automobiles, eager not to deny himself any superfluous commodity.

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