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Effy seems to accept this through the rest of series three, maintaining to Naomi that she is not really in a relationship with Cook but only "f**cking him occasionally." In "Freddie", Freddie gets tired of living in the shadow of the increasingly reckless Cook, as well as irritated by his semi-relationship with Effy.

Cook tries to re-build the bond of the trio- constantly dubbing themselves the "Three Musketeers"- by plotting revenge after Freddie's sister Karen takes over their shed to use as a practice room.

Effy sets Cook and Freddie a challenge, whoever breaks the college rules gets to “know her better”.

Cook breaks the rules, in the process starting a fire. In "Cook", Cook invites the gang to his uncle Keith's pub to celebrate his seventeenth birthday which he believes will be a drink-fuelled event. Freddie gets a call from his sister Karen who is at her friend, Kayleigh’s, engagement party.

In "Naomi", Naomi, after arguing with Emily, later comes across Cook, who tries to persuade her to have sex with him.

After flirting with Kayleigh, Cook gets hold of drugs from Keith and passes them around.Cook shows a great interest in the ladies, and is constantly on the lookout for a new shag- partner.However, all his partying can sometimes get out of hand because he does not always know when to stop, and he has an extremely unpredictable temper that frequently leads him into trouble.While high, Cook ups the tempo with his antics, angering drug lord Johnny White, Kayleigh’s father.Cook gets beaten up, but White relants after Freddie apologizes for Cook's behavior. Cook then drags JJ to a brothel after an argument with Freddie.They accidentally disover that Pandora's mother is having an affair with the next-door neighbor.Pandora comes out of the bathroom after the party has been crashed by Katie's boyfriend; Cook is the only person left at the house.Together they play Twister, which was all Pandora had wanted to do, along with learning from her friends about sexuality.Cook offers to take her virginity, and they spend the night together.However, he subsequently disregards this promise on multiple occasions.In "Pandora", Cook sneaks into Pandora's pajama party with the help of the hapless JJ and ends up ditching him in favor of a quick shag with Effy.

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