Ed dating jaclyn

Is she REALLY just busy, or is something else going on?

• Episode #161 – Kendra / Warren Kendra was skeptical of the online dating thing before she met Warren, who was a complete gentleman on their dinner date before he ghosted.

but Alex was expecting a little something different.

• Episode #157 – Henry / Sara Henry met Sara the old fashioned way… They watched the game together and had an awesome time, so naturally Henry tried to reach out to get together again. • Episode #156 – Angela / Tara Angelo and Tara matched on Tinder… • Episode #155 – Leslie / Ryan Leslie and Ryan had a banging dinner date where they bonded over being from the same town.

Sometimes, there’s a very big difference between the online world and the real world.

• Episode #160 – Natasha / John Natasha and John hit it off when they met at a festival, went out to dinner a couple days later, then nothing. • Episode #159 – Ryan / Charlise They met at a bar, then went out for tacos and drinks… Only Prince Charming neglected to pay attention to one VERY important detail, which is the reason he isn’t hearing anything back.

Natasha was excited two…until she found out it wasn’t just the two on them going on this date. • Episode #186 – Stephanie / Cody Stephanie was cautious when she met Cody online because… • Episode #185 – Tim / Blair Tim and Blair met online, and quickly hit it off because they had so much in common!

• Episode #190 – Holly / Jason Holly and Jason met at a gas station of all places, yet she still agreed to go out on a date with him.

Something about this whole situation really stinks though…

• Episode #193 – Hakeem / Angelo Hakeem met Angelo online, and their first date was at the Love Shack.

Everything was going awesome, so they took it back to Hakeem’s place…where everything went to the dogs.

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