Eastern orthodox easter dating

Similarly, by 1900 a strong revival movement was calling for the restoration of church autonomy and organizational reform.

The liturgy itself includes multiple elaborate systems of symbols meant to convey the content of the faith to believers.

Orthodox belief holds that the Orthodox Church is Christianity's true, holy, and apostolic church, tracing its origin directly to the institution established by Jesus Christ. Orthodox teachings include the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and the inseparable but distinguishable union of the two natures of Jesus Christ--one divine, the other human.

Orthodox beliefs are based on the Bible and on tradition as defined by seven ecumenical councils held by church authorities between A. Among saints, Mary has a special place as the Mother of God.

In the seventeenth century, the introduction by Ukrainian clergy of Western doctrinal and liturgical reforms prompted a strong reaction among traditionalist Orthodox believers, resulting in a schism in the church.

In the early eighteenth century, Peter the Great modernized, expanded, and consolidated Muscovy into what then became known as the Russian Empire.

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