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There will be human activity in space connected with each of these.

These facilities will also have commercial value, property value, and even military threat value.

Celestial mechanics involves the way objects move in space with relationship to various gravitational fields.There is a very fine line of distinction between a military organization and a police organization.In some cultures and nations, the distinction cannot be drawn at all.Some may grow large enough to absorb other branches of the military, others may be reabsorbed into other branches.In William Keith's Galactic Marines series one of the themes of the early novels is how the US Marines fight being absorbed or eliminated.There will be a "space army", which are usually just the old ground army troops ferried to combat zones on other planets on huge lightly armed troop carriers. Both are almost the equivalent of college-level courses in the subject.It will take you a long time to read through the many essays and entries, but it will be worth it.There will be "space marines", who generally are found on board combat spacecraft.They are generally elite fighters, since spacecraft usually can only carry a limited number of them. Frisbee Jr.'s Tips on Writing Military SF and William's Future War Stories.Where there exist arenas of human activity and inter-relationships and property, there will be disagreements and conflict.We cannot expect these aspects of human nature to change in the next fifty years.

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  2. Last year Miles, the chair of African-American studies at the University of Michigan–Ann Arbor and a former Mac Arthur fellow, wrote about the issues facing black women and interracial dating for the Huffington Post.