Drew barrymore and justin long dating again

Luckily, more sane celebs have been admitting to liking both boys and girls, making bisexuals all the rage right now.

Although, I would love to see Tina Fey have all that work.” [Photo Credit: *A Call To The Bullpen is a work of fiction. Richard Meier says his dad is gay and he was forced into a mental hospital and disinherited for saying so.

[Ivana Trump has been calling Marius Rusovici, the 23-year-old Belgian she's been hanging out with, "her boyfriend," although it may just be a plot to make Rossano Rubicondi jealous. [ trilogy star Kirsten Dunst stopped off at a Early Voting facility.

After she walked out of the voting booth, Dunst did her best Palin Dance to celebrate her decision to rock the vote.

Although there are plenty of famous, powerful women like Rosie O' Donnell, Melissa Etheridge and Ellen De Generes leading the way for lesbians to be out and proud in Hollywood (and everywhere else), there hasn't really been a strong voice for bisexuals.

Sure, Lindsay Lohan made bisexuality "in" again, but her dysfunctional romance with Samantha Ronson wasn't the type of relationship with which group would want to be associated.

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