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This marks the third time they’ll fall in love, following “The Wedding Singer” and “50 First Dates.” Here’s why the two pals love teaming up. She’s a sweetheart, and she’s like family.” “Some comedians are really dark in person, and that’s heartbreaking,” Barrymore told Redbook.When asked by Robin Roberts why their chemistry is so great, Sandler replied, “We’ve known each other a long time. “Adam is a genuinely nice, positive person.” “He doesn’t have a mean-spiritedness to his comedy or to his nature. We looked like the worst blind date you've ever seen.I showed up with purple hair and a leopard coat and he was in his classic cargo pants."At the time, everyone was questioning, 'Is Adam a leading man? "I had no doubt that he would be a great leading man.I knew he was charming and funny—it was definitely the right place for him to go next."The evolution of Sandler from slapstick to sweet wasn't totally intentional.The late Alexis Arquette plays Robbie's Culture Club-channeling bandmate George and Rosie, the unforgettable rapping grandma who pays for singing lessons with meatballs, was played by the late Ellen Albertini Dow.Angelia Featherstone, meanwhile, plays Linda, Robbie's vapid bride-to-be who leaves him at the altar, and Matthew Glave plays Glenn Guglia, Julia's already philandering fiancé.

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Adam had some good little movies that did well, but [] took us to the next level."Sandler, who was 31 when the film premiered, had a proven track record in juvenile comedy, but playing a romantic lead was new territory for him.Ever wonder how Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler ended up as one of Hollywood's most likable on-screen couples??The stars, who have worked together in films like , first came together after Barrymore requested to meet with the 49-year-old funny man during an admittedly low point in her career.' That was kind of the genesis of it."Herlihy says he initially "didn't have an actress in mind" to play Julia, but as the script took more of a romantic turn, he and Sandler "were starting to realize, 'Hey, we better get somebody good for this'—this is a big part.This could be fantastic with the right person."And everyone seemed to agree that 22-year-old Barrymore, who'd been famous since she was 4 years old, was absolutely the right person.Related: The Incredibly Hot Movie Wives (& GFs) Of Adam Sandler!In an interview with Howard Stern, the 40-year-old mom of two shared: "[I thought] I want to be a modern weird Hepburn, Tracey old Hollywood couple …"Some people don't get it—and he just seemed to not get it at all." Featherstone predicts Linda's later years were also a lot of the same."I would probably guess that she stayed in her narcissistic bubble," says the actress, "and [she] sort of had like a sub, sub-par life but imagined in her mind, it was really fantastic."The outlooks for Robbie and Julia are much brighter.Herlihy recalls how the late Carrie Fisher "came in and worked on it for a while" as a script doctor, and Judd Apatow "also did two weeks on it." Eventually, Herlihy says, he and Coraci, now both frequent Sandler collaborators, reconvened with the funnyman to "[take] the best parts of everything and put it all back together and kind of made That final version, of course, includes memorable cameos by Steve Buscemi as a drunken wedding guest and Billy Idol as Robbie's unexpected wingman.Allen Covert, another frequent Sandler collaborator, plays Sammy the limo driver, and Christine Taylor plays Julia's on-trend cousin and confidante.

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