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When you’ve completed a dressing table, you’ve really made a table and a small chest of drawers, so you will have mastered many of the skills needed to produce other period pieces.

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This type of dressing table is perfect in children’s rooms as it lends itself to many different uses should the dressing table become unwanted or the room require renovation.Pallets are an excellent choice if you are looking to have a beautiful dressing table design on a budget.Besides being very sturdy and cheap, upcycled dressing tables made from pallets, offer excellent lighting opportunities.A dressing table design can take many forms—this excellent design is simple in structure, but incorporates a modern, contemporary take on the standard style, whilst incorporating a large amount of space and storage.This dressing table is the ultimate area to prepare for an event, apply make-up, or simply display ones jewellery, perfumes and accessories.Sections of the article include: Making the cabriole legs, applied knee brackets, carving the shell, and case and drawer construction.The Queen Anne dressing table is a rather special woodworking project.If dressing tables aren’t your cup of tea, then take a look at this unique and inventive dressing table design that flips traditional design on its head, and suggests a new way of looking at the humble dresser.This system from comprises a stand along piece of timber reminiscent of a coat rack, furthermore it has a fabric top that folds up into a compact and hand held system filled with make-up and accessories.The ogee-scrolled apron is reminiscent of the acorn drops found on earlier William and Mary pieces, while the cast brass hardware, typical of later Chippendale styles, was also frequently found on later Queen Anne furniture.This is Norm Vandal’s guide to creating this delicate and graceful lowboy.

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