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She is generally unpleasant to be around and open to flirting with other guys.0 – 39%: She walks. Physical Attraction Test – When a girl first meets a guy she determines whether she has 51% or higher interest level based upon his appearance and communication. Make a place away from her like the garage or live in separate houses.Maintenance Program (Respect, Affection, Romance, Humor): Respect – Say no to her once in a while and stand your ground. Marriage – Date her for 2 years and watch her attitude (Integrity, Flexibility, Giving) for red flags. Then she can ask you to marry her (or hint for you to ask). Say “I love you” a handful of times in your lifetime.– How to get women to chase you.It really is just basic inner game stuff from what I remember (haven't listened in YEARS).

The lower her interest level, the more she will nag, graze, and act moody.49%: The point of no return.Affection – This only applies to when she has 90 – 100% interest level. Keep practicing the system (study 15 minutes every night). – Recognizing ‘Buying Signals’ – the subtle ways she lets you know that she’s interested in you.Quietly hold her in your arms for 10 seconds, stare into her eyes, act like you enjoy it, no kissing, when meeting her and and departing. Move very slow, stop, backup, this raises interest level. Does she offer a backrub or give you the phonebook to call a Chiropractor? – The importance of asking for her phone number correctly and what her answer really means.Thanks - Mr E Correction, it is actually 4 books total.The actual "The System" is one book called "The System, The Dating Dictionary", which also comes with 2 audio CDs.It was also my intro to this sort of women skills knowledge.Years ago, I thought it was great and would highly recommend it, but now I find it really lacking.My guess is that one needs to paralelly follow the System and take bits of mystery method to make one's game complete.I also read some other stuff like "Nice guys and players" and they suck.One of the audio CDs contains a recording of a seminar, the other an in depth interview with Doc Love.The Mastery Series are the additional books, each with 2 audio CDs which are compilations of his weekly advice column, radio shows, and HB interviews, with each book having seventy columns (1st, 2nd, and 3rd seventy) It's not horrible, but for the $$ there are much better products out there.

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