Double your dating chapter 1

She remains bedridden and miserable while her daughter and husband run the household.

The youngest Clutter, Kenyon, spends his days constructing, deconstructing, and rebuilding various electronics and gadgets.

The entire narrative focuses on the murder itself, and the crime is mentioned early on: "four shot gun blasts that, all told, ended six lives." This establishes the murder as the central event, but not what the narrative is leading up to.

The six lives are those of the four members of the Clutter family, and those of the two murderers, who are eventually executed for their crimes.

He is highly intelligent and has the promise of growing up to become an engineer or inventor.

Capote takes everything into account, including the mindset, motivations, feelings and histories of the murderers.

Despite the lack of a clear motive, Dick is bloodthirsty; he plans to leave no witnesses and to blast "hair" all over the walls.

Perry seems less enthusiastic about the potential for violence and pleads with Dick to buy stockings to disguise their faces.

Dick wants to see if Perry is, indeed, a true killer.

After Dick and Perry murder the Clutters and the bodies are discovered, Perry and Dick are exhausted.

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