Dns updating zone serial

Note that following those articles verbatim only covers the deployment of a single Standard Edition Front End Server, which actually is sufficient to perform this deployment.

The Edge Server article mentioned above is meant for environments built specifically to those articles, while this article basically assumes that there is already at least one Skype for Business Enterprise Edition Front End Pool deployed in the environment.

The network configuration used for this environment leverage the best practice model of two separate perimeter networks on different IP address subnetworks.

The internally-facing segment contains a dedicated internal private Class A IPv4 addressing scheme that is routed without the use of any Network Address Translation (NAT) to all of the internal servers.

Either define only the internal networks that exist in the environment below instead of including the entire ranges, or use the configuration below to include all ranges and then add additional static route for the specific external networks and assign the external gateway as the destination for those custom routes.. The three other entries highlighted above reflect the three static routes used to locate any hosts which might be on the reserved IPv4 address ranges which are not routable over the public Internet.

With the prerequisite IP addresses already configured on the Edge servers then the next step is to select (FQDN) to be used in the deployment and then create the required DNS records.

Additional guidance and various accepted best practice guidance is also intermixed throughout where appropriate.

To allows these servers to find and communicate with internal hosts there is a standard accepted practice of defining static routes for all reserved subnet ranges to utilize the internal interface as the target route.

The key difference is that these two servers are located in a (DMZ) and thus are not joined to the same Active Directory domain that the rest of the internally-located server roles are.

In fact these two new servers are not joined to any domain and are simply in the default Workgroup mode.

For those following along with these deployment articles to create a lab environment then a simpler companion article entitled is also available which quickly addresses adding a single Edge Server to this example environment.

But for this article a different, much more verbose approach has been taken.

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