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You can go through these profiles, either liking or dismissing the people on your screen by respectively clicking on the “heart” button or the “cross”. Once one of the people you showed interest in likes you back, Tinder gives you the option to chat with that person in the app’s interface, opening up the possibility for an actual conversation that would eventually lead to an encounter. Tinder can be placed in a list of online initiatives that use user-generated profiles to find people you like.However, Tinder can also be conceptualized in a different way than conventional online dating platforms. As a current student at the Master of Media I aim to develop my knowledge with regard to community management and increase different skills that will create a base for future investigation. Looking for a date but too shy to approach anyone face-to-face? graduate in International Communication and Media at Erasmus University in Rotterdam I believe I am concerned with a very important and omnipresent development in current society. My current interests are the use of Media for the development and social relations.

In this way Tinder could be perceived as an online representation of our presence.There seems to be a shift from seeing offline and online self-representations as separated from each other, to an increasingly merged idea of online and offline identity.In the early days of online dating, people that participated in online dating through websites were often perceived as people that would not be able to function on a social level in real-life.One of the benefits of using a mobile app for dating is that apps can leverage additional tools which your desktop browser or your feature phone don’t have.For example, within Tingle the ‘block’ feature helps you avoid hassle, and in turn creates a safety net for you to start communicating more openly.Scroll through your received winks, see what someone else is up to today, and shoot off a quick text in a minute – with time to spare to suggest a date next week. What has been your experience so far with mobile dating? Newbie tip: Use mobile dating as a social network, rather than a CV. Tell the mobile dating company what you’d like to see. For this reason, dating sites were often studied mainly for the level of anonymity they offered.((For instance, the degree in which profile pictures corresponded with an offline identity was a field of interest (Hancock and Toma).Smartphones for dating are a vast improvement on feature phones and desktop dating.Use the communication and organization tools inherent in your smart phone to take the edge off the first date with someone you’ve met on the mobile dating network – text them, call them, video chat with them first to see if you have some chemistry before you organize your first in-person meeting.

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