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) river' in Philadelphia; 'kil' or 'kille' means 'river' or 'canal,' no longer found in modern Dutch.) hear - Much More Old New York (about 500 words and names) More Dutch names: First and Last Names - Place Names - Vermeer's World - Rembrandt - 17th Century Sailors and Ships - Old New York Somewhat Related I used to subscribe to a magazine in basic Spanish, in an attempt to learn that language; what I remember best was an article about Van Gogh that curiously gave the title of a painting in English ("Sunflowers"); I guess that makes more sense than to have them in Dutch, but why not in Spanish ('Las Flores del Sol')?- Wenceslao Grillo tells me that the Spanish word is Girasol ("turn-flower,") and the Van Gogh painting is called Los Girasoles in Spanish.The International Commission for Orders of Chivalry, unanimously approved in the motion, was composed by: Honorary President: H. It is of course interesting to know the correct ('Dutch') pronunciation of Dutch names, but in communicating with members of other language communities ('Barbarians') it may be more efficient to use the common modified ('corrupted') way of saying. In the past, there have been errors in scientific evaluation and interpretation, or times when the Commission exceeded its institutional role. Hence there was no justification in publishing a Register. The Commission is a private body, the worth and seriousness of which wholly depends upon the worth and seriousness of its component Members. While we studied a number of applications for registration throughout this period, however, none met the requirement of longstanding uninterrupted tradition under the protection of Chiefs or of Houses of recognised sovereign rank. September 2001, in order to remove any doubt that there may be Members of the Commission who might indirectly influence the Commissions free decision making process, it was decided to widen Article VII of the Statutes thus:. It was further suggested to include a new subdivision: Organisations referring to Orders or Award systems previously bestowed by state bodies in the past. Past Presidents of the Commission: Baron Alessandro Monti della Corte (*19021975) from 1962 to 1970; H.

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Grand Duke Vladimir Kirilovich, Head of the Imperial House of Russia; H. But the intense and constant interest given to the Commission - either for or against its announcements - is to be considered a clear sign of the importance and authority which the scientific world has attributed the Commission. Aldo Pezzana In conclusion one may state that the Commission has produced a work of the greatest interest, for which we must be grateful to its authoritative Members and in particular to its President, Baron Monti della Corte, whose standing as a scholar of historical-heraldic studies and as Chancellor of the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus need no recalling here.Above all this publication must open the eyes of the uninitiated to diverse award systems which exist in todays world. Congresses have been: I Barcelona 1929, II Roma-Napoli 1953, III Madrid 1955, IV Bruxelles/Brussel 1958, V Stockholm 1960, VI Edinburgh 1962, VII Den Haag 1964, VIII Paris 1966, IX Bern 1968, X Wien 1970, XI Lige 1972, XII Mnchen 1974, XIII London 1976, XIV Kbenhavn 1980, XV Madrid 1982, XVI Helsinski 1984, XVII Lisboa 1986, XVIII Innsbruck 1988, XIX Keszthely 1990, XX Uppsala 1992, XXI Luxembourg 1994, XXII Ottawa 1996, XXIII Torino 1998, XXIV Besanon 2000 and XXV Dublin 2002. T., Premier Peer of Scotland; President: Baron Alessandro Monti della Corte (Italy); Vice President: Noble Prof. Or you want to offer an immersive 3D online shopping experience, which makes buying as easy as buying from a normal website. To add even more power to Shop Factory you can connect to hundreds of service providers such as payment processors including Pay Pal and Amazon, shipping providers such as UPS and Fedex, marketing automation services such as Mailchimp and Hubspot, customer relationship management systems, accounting packages and more.The International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences brings together scholars and others with an interest in these subjects from all nations of Europe and from countries throughout the world. Prince Bertil of Sweden, was presided over by Baron Carl Hamilton of Hageby, President; Baron Giovanni di Giura, Vice President; Marquis de Desio, Vice President; Count Thierry de Limburg-Stirum, Vice President; Mr. Gunnar Scheffer, Director of the Swedish State Heraldry Service, Secretary General.- composed of: Baron Alessandro Monti della Corte, President; Noble Prof. Swan and Paul Warming - concerning point 4,(1955) were recalled relative to the juridical and historical conditions which had to apply to independent, both Dynastic and Family, Orders of Chivalry and it was recommended to prepare a list, albeit provisional, of the said Orders so that they might be studied and then approved at the following September 1962 under the Honorary Presidency of H. In the twenty-first century the Commission needs to expand its horizons, widening its principles in order to bring them into line with the objective reality of todays society and the inevitable historical changes. Robert Gayre of Gayre and Nigg (Scotland); Members: H. Paul Warming (Denmark); Sir Harry Luke (England); Sir Iain Moncreiffe of that Ilk, Bt., Baron of Easter Moncreiffe, Albany Herald (Scotland); Sir David Wilson Reid, Laird of Robertland (Scotland); Chevalier Guy Coutant de Saisseval (France); H. These Orders are: Saint Januarius, instituted in 1738. These include, first and foremost, the so-called Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller (or Royal Yugoslav Order of Saint John), included from 1970, and the so-called Niadh Nask, included from 1996/1998.. Not a problem for polyglot Santa - but then the Dutch in the audience will notice the little girl's thick American accent: it's not credible that she shouldn't speak English.For the Dutch any illusion of reality is shattered. Museums - (het) museum plural: musea (museum / musea ) /or/ museums 2 Het Rijksmuseum 2 3 (Amsterdam)het Stedelijk Museum 2 (Amsterdam)het Kröller-Müller Museum 2 often called: het Kröller-Muller Museum 2 (near the village of Otterlo in national park For more recent elections, see and hear lesson 13 De Tweede Kamer 2 is is The Dutch 'House of Commons' or 'House of Representatives' verkiezingen ('elections') - stemmen 2 ('to vote') the complete verb The Dutch team will undoubtedly win medals at The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Baron Monti della Corte and Prince Schwarzenberg replied and gave every necessary clarification. September, the Commission made its report on the principles involved in assessing the validity of Orders of Chivalry and these were accepted by the Congress. Paul Adam of Paris, it was unanimously agreed in plenary session of the Congress, that the International Commission (composed of the high personalities of the Congress, and leading experts in the field of chivalry, nobiliary and heraldic law)After having rendered homage for the work of the Commission on Orders of Chivalry, and to its president, Baron Monti della Corte, the Congress considered it proper that it should have an autonomous status and that it should continue its activities in a permanent form, in order to apply the principles In pursuance of these instructions and authority, the International Commission thereby published the findings of its deliberations during the period 1960-98, with meetings being held in 1964 (The Hague), 1966 (Paris), 1967 (Brussels), 1970 (Vienna and Munich, when thein 1964, 1970, 1978, 1996, the latest being issued July 1998. Among others who spoke on this important subject were: Count Limburg-Stirum, Marquis de Santa Maria de Silvela and de Castaar, Don Manuel de Aranegui, the President himself and our friend Don Achille di Lorenzo.That word wouldn't make sense to a beginning student of Spanish. VOICE-OVERS Dutch spoken narration for exhibitions, tours etc.Send your English, German or French text or a rough translation into English and I'll make you an offer.

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