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Perhaps we can convince him that Pastafarianism is the One True religion and deserves extra allowances. I predict a bright future for him (he just graduated from Rutgers with a Law degree) – and I hope that he will keep in touch with the Church and let us know what’s on his mind.

Please join me in supporting this Film project out of Spain. To my knowledge no elected Pastafarian has yet worn Full Pirate Regalia in an official granted allowances to dress as Pirates and take every Friday off of work…I believe the larger point of his article is that courts should not be deciding what is and what is not a True religion and it’s not their place to maintain a list of protected religious activities that are deemed acceptable in the workplace.Are these churches legitimate since they have many True Believers?Henderson also clarifies that Pastafarianism is “not a joke.The beliefs and practices avowed by The Gospel are not built on a foundation of mere political or secular beliefs.While certainly Pastafarian practices are likely to seem unacceptable, illogical, inconsistent, or incomprehensible to some, if not a large majority of reasonable people, this will not disqualify the CFSM’s followers from protection under Title VII.Let me share this article written by Daniel Dowdy for the Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion about employment protections for Pastafarians in the workplace.For all of us who want to take off every Friday from work without fear of reprisal (religious discrimination) this is important.One of the signs that was ordered to be removed: The German Pastafarians put these signs up years ago in Templin after other churches were allowed to post signs.There were complaints by locals who felt mocked, and it’s been in the Brandenburg state court system ever since.

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