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Trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist with a systems background, she seeks to understand everyone's perspective in workplace conflict in order to help her client come up with a solution that not only works for the company, but makes employees happy in the process.

With people spending more hours at work than they do at home, issues are bound to arise.Eden says: "From the music you pick to get you in the mood, to the lighting and temperature – creating that perfect setting makes both of you feel at ease."Think instrumental music and low lighting – Professor Robert Pickard agrees, ' Evidence suggests that people are more likely to feel romantic if they are alert, warm and relaxed.'" Eden says: "Make sure you get the ingredients for your home cooked meal in advance.★★ Helping C-level executives, business owners, managers, directors and supervisors who are committed to excellence dramatically increase productivity, profitability and peace by clearing out dysfunction from your corporate culture. ★★ I'm a Communications Specialist and Marriage and Family Therapi...Blaire is a Communications and Relationship Expert, specializing in conflict resolution and employee engagement.But even we can admit that it can get slightly repetitive every so often...As much as we love them, we like the fact that it's not the same people every day. over 12 years, known as "The Love Guru" I have been speaking to groups and hosting workshops teaching about dating, love, relationships and making your dreams come true by using spiritual principles, rather than working hard and struggling.A Tibetan monk was detained this month in Qinghai on suspicion of sharing politically sensitive content on social media and is being held at an undisclosed location with his current condition unknown, according to a Tibetan human rights group in India.In this day and age, and in the new energy and consciousness of the world that we're in, people who work for your company aren't just seeking a job that pays the bills, they want a workplace where they feel fulfilled, appreciated, and respected.A workplace where they respect, admire and are inspired by their boss, as well as have relationships with their co-workers where they feel connected and enjoy.

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