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You will find many dresses for dates at Simply Dresses.1649176,2191479,2191673,2202539,2208072,2208076,2208084,2208088,2208092,2212011,2212120,2212251,2213678,2213701,2213809,2215845,2215859,2216863,2216907,2217855,2217862,2217876,2218404,2218742,2218794,2219265,2224986,2224994,2225002,2227150,2227187,2228547 Wear a short glitter fit and flare holiday party dress for a special night out on the town.Keeping it a little more casual with a dinner and a movie?Go for a short high-neck shift dress for the perfect casual date dress.You’ll be wearing it throughout the celebration while you are dancing, toasting, and celebrating the day’s events.Another big trend for grooms this year is to ditch the monochromatic suit or tuxedo and trade it in for a contrasting jacket and pant.Going out of town for a romantic weekend get-a-way?Choose a short strapless sweetheart dress as the perfect weekend dress.

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There are mini dresses, party dresses, off the shoulder dresses and strapless dresses for you to choose from.Sure, we love a black and white tuxedo just as much as the next person, but today’s groom has many more options when it comes to color.And it seems like in 2018, the bolder your color selection is, the better the look.In addition to bolder, brighter flowers, grooms are trying anything from succulents to olive leaves to eucalyptus for a more natural, rustic looking boutonniere.There you have it: some of the great new styles for grooms and groomsmen you’ll see in 2018!To do this look right, go with a light color on the jacket and darker color on the pants for a really dramatic look. Thankfully, designers are starting to branch out and give men more options with their suit jackets, and they are starting to introduce more textures like velvet, linen, tweed, and brocade for the more fashion adventurous types.These suits will photograph well and add those extra little details to put your wedding look over the top.Here are seven groom trends you’re going to see a lot of in 2018.Gone are the days of playing it safe for a groom’s wedding day attire.Go with something more subtle like navy or midnight blue.Slimmer suit cuts have been in style for menswear for a few years now, and that’s definitely not going away anytime soon.

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