Dating someone you met at a club

He's the guy who loves his drink, and he's not ashamed to show it.

His relationship with the bottle is intimate and all around reciprocal.

Back in line we went, this time collecting our checked luggage and off into yet another taxi.

It was two more days until we left Cleveland, - but THAT is a story for another post!

I call this guy the "twister" because that's how he acts.

He'll probably give you a grumpy look, but don't despair.

We each had left and were bound for flights on United.

Regulations stated that United now needed to provide lodging, food, and transportation vouchers for us and many others.

We took our new tickets, our carry-ons, and our vouchers and grabbed a taxi to the designated hotel.

Personally, I deeply dislike being asked out by strangers. It suggests he hasn't thought to the same degree about how complex other human beings are, and so isn't anticipating the relationship stumbling blocks that are sure to follow if we start going out before developing a solid sense of who the other person is and how we get along.

For one thing, every other woman is cute and conversational. Secondly, it tells me we don't share the same values.

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