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Elena purchased the domain and partnered with a developer to flesh out her idea.She provided the creative concepts behind the design, layout, and profile buildout, while he helped code it into existence.You can flick right or left to accept or reject a match.If there is mutual interest, the app will make the introduction.There are more than 1.3 million people working in the field of law, not including those soon-to-be graduates of law-related programs across the U.S., so a dating site catering to this niche market seemed like a no-brainer to Elena.Obvious advice of the day: If you care about your job, don't date in the office. You have the chance to meet anyone if you don't date coworkers. You've got this whole career thing standing in the way of happiness.The reasons are obvious, but we'll recap them in as few words as possible: drama, office gossip, and sexual harassment. Fortunately, you have dozens of options for online or "app" dating. Here are a few suggestions, from "traditional" websites to apps that are a bit more ...

The app taps into your Facebook friends, you choose the people you'd be "down" with, and if they choose you as well, the secret is out in the open. “I eventually met a lawyer on Match and it just seemed like we had a lot more in common,” Elena said.From these humble beginnings, the seed of an idea for Lawyers in Love took root in Elena’s mind.It uses some sort of behavioral matchmaking engine, and has apps for Facebook, Android, and i OS.also ranked it as the fourth most popular search term.From a scene in “Law and Order” to something as simple as dollar signs, legal professionals deal with prejudice, rightful or not, simply because of their line of work.The American Bar Association asked its readers what it was like to date as a lawyer, and the responses were resoundingly negative: people being left mid-date after dropping the “L-word” or being introduced as their title rather than their name.Eleven years ago, Elena launched her site, and it has continued to be at the forefront of lawyer dating ever since.The vision of the site is well represented by its logo — a sexy Lady Justice peeking out from behind her blindfold.The offensively-titled app was changed to "Down" for i OS users after Apple pulled it from their app store earlier this year, reports CNET. The Short Version: Elena Albamonte’s fun dating site, Lawyers in Love, aims to help legal professionals — with busy and daunting work lives and who prefer analytical debates to small talk — find like-minded individuals.

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