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That counts as standing up to singlism.] Reference: De Paulo, B. But "never married" can include those who are cohabiting but not married, and those who live by themselves.

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Share an excerpt from the introduction to , in which I discussed the meaning of 'single,' and4.

I would like to clarify what I mean by single, but I cannot do so without first explaining what it means to have a serious partner. If you have the certificate, and you are not in the process of tearing it up, you are official. Only the legal version of marriage comes with the guaranteed treasure trove of perks, privileges, rewards, and responsibilities.

That, too, is part of the problem: Single people are defined negatively, in terms of what they do not have - a serious partner. Access to another adult's Social Security benefits, their health care plan, their hospital room, or their life-sustaining feeding tube can all turn on whether you are legally married. One question that does not matter much to the social coupling criterion is whether your pair consists of one man and one woman.

Despite the marriage mania that's all around us, I think we're in an interesting period of transition when many people are rejecting or at least questioning matrimony.

People will experiment with new words and find the language that feels consonant with the ways they're setting up their lives. It does not matter if you are happy or miserable, faithful or philandering, whether you live in the same home as your partner or on different continents.

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