Dating sims on gameboy gretchen is dating slate

The first result I found showed that indeed, Kickstarter is more popular among men (70% male vs 30% female) but that still didn’t really explain the 5% I was seeing. But she will buy a game that comes highly recommended and looks like she’ll enjoy it.

So I reasoned that perhaps there are other Kickstarter categories that are more popular among women, and that games just aren’t that attractive to them, at least as something to crowdfund. Turns out only 9% of the people following us there are women! After some more discussion, our hive-mind came to the conclusion that even if we’d know the gender distribution on Steam, we wouldn’t have been able to make any conclusions, because many couples share their Steam accounts (at least, we assume they do).

My guess would be that critic scores might be quite important here.

UPDATE 2 Another type of comments puts the fault in our shoes.

We’ll happily continue making games we care about and would like to play ourselves.

Which reassured them because they were starting to worry after I didn’t stop asking questions about this But of course, that didn’t mean I wasn’t curious and actually also a little bit worried.

I never had any doubts about this because I saw my partner play D: OS for many hours.

The animation is the worst, with an obviously slashed budget that makes everything even more boring and gives absolutely zero exciting action beats or anything of value.

The characters are all either too pathetic or dickish to care about, and the soundtrack is so terribly lazy that it could have been smashed up by a six-year-old on a friggin' toy piano. The nothing, uneventful, exposition-fest that this show is trying to desperately pass off as a , but to every one who has ever read it. Fox Catcher: And then there's the fact that the entire show is just reproachfully disturbing. It's all written as a joke, but one with no good setup or punchline.

But then this morning, I saw a number that didn’t compute at all. My instant reaction was – “oh really, so there’s not a lot of women on Kickstarter. The women who play our games will play the hell out of them, but they will only take an active interest when the games are released or about to be released.

According to the Google analytics page for our Kickstarter campaign, only 4,19% of the page’s visitors is female versus 95.81% male! Interesting, I always thought ….” At which point I did the sensible thing and googled “kickstarter gender distribution”. What about my scientifically sound and completely unbiased sampling results from those fan encounters at trade shows? Our male audience on the contrary might be more interested in backing us sooner, for what I guess will be a variety of reasons. My sampling subject at home certainly won’t bother reading a lot of gaming previews or watch you tubers, at least, I think she doesn’t.

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