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First of all I would like to say that despite the ecchi tag; the fanservice in this show is very light (other than episode 00).

In reality, Saekano is much more similar to shows like Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai, Ore Imo and Outbreak Company as it has a character cast mainly consisting of otakus, and it consistently parodies and makes fun of today's anime industry as well as the eroge market as a whole.

Episode 9 is another good episode that gave Eriri much-needed characterization past her generic tsundere shtick.

This time, the show asks why a creator, well, creates works for fans – for whose sake are they putting out content?

Together they form a doujin circle and seek to create a homemade galge in order to fulfill Tomoya's dream.

As the icing on the cake however, Tomoya also recruits his completely plain and emotionless classmate Megumi to join the circle, with the intention of "training" her into becoming the model for the game's main heroine.

Naturally, I’d expect Saekano to be something close to his work in eroge.

This is mainly because a) it actually feels fresh and not overused by any means, and b) it's actually extremely funny.

Again, the show frames this question with Tomoya as the consumer and Eriri as the creator: does Eriri draw so she can get better for her fans, or does she just draw to satisfy herself and stay where she is?

Eriri finds her foot forward when she decides to get better at drawing to win over Tomoya and satisfy her fans.

But let’s give credit where it’s due: Saekano isn’t complete trash.

I would probably be more forgiving of the show if it were: it’s easier to let go of a show that’s a total failure than a show that flubbed with its great ideas.

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