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People value authenticity, and a sales person who can treat prospects as individuals and react and respond to their unique needs will succeed.Door-to-door selling has traditionally been the domain of small companies with few other options to drive sales.” In dating and in sales, there’s no point in wasting time when you aren’t right for each other. In fact, the goal of an effective sales process is to get of bad fits as quickly as you can, so that you can continue to fill your sales funnel with more qualified prospects.

Calmly and confidently invite them to meet with you formally — kind of like a first date.However, they are a poor substitute for proper sales training and are handed out by an employer looking to make a quick buck.Increasingly, the public has become sick of impersonal, cold calls from robotic salespeople reading the same tired old lines.This is when you’re going to: While you’re finding all of this out, be on the lookout for any information they’re asking for that is above and beyond “first date” material.For example, if you were on your first date with a nice person who abruptly asked whether you’d like to have kids, that might be a bit of a red flag.These days, however, people are becoming wise to this trick; they can fact-check your claims and compare prices on their phones.Consumers are much more likely to respond to sales people who are attentive to their needs rather than those who foster fear.Including a soft threat in a sales pitch about what could happen if a prospect doesn’t buy is a staple of traditional sales techniques.It could be a warning about the risks of not having health insurance, a suggestion that the price offered today could go up tomorrow.In a professional sales situation, this goes something like this: Online, you can initiate that same meeting by inviting them to “Call me to learn more” or “Send us an email to set up a free consult.” If there’s no chemistry, there is no need to play out an awkward sales version of a dating dance, where you politely agree to first, second and third meetings even when you both know that you don’t have much to offer one another.Tell this prospect that you don’t think you’re a good fit for the project, and wish them luck finding the right person.

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  1. Older men are often considered better in their view because it means mature, responsible and settled to them. A few Filipinas here are friends I know and can recommend, but most are unknown to me, but are ladies in good standing, and haven't notified me of marriage yet.